*Jeff Becerra*

The Crucifix is redefined
By quintessential fools
Their lust for power with "gods" design
Obey their mighty rules

Control the masses reign by fear
Dissenters will burn in hell
Wash the minds with angel's tears
Obey the churches bell

Bow before me, praise my name
The Christian race, has gone insane
Altered minds and chanting fools
Control our world and make the rules

On your knees and kiss my feet
The Christian world it spreads deceit
Drunk with power and dead with creed
The only hope is Satan's seed

And Lucifer, at the head of his impatient army, will ride amidst the clamour. And armed, I will leave this land, and once more follow the Emperor.

If you don't like these I can write something else. Feel free to do what you like with it.

Brothers In Fire,
Jeff B. Becerra Sr.
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